MoGood news for those who revelled in the online tizzy over MØ (AKA Karen Marie Ørsted) at the start of last year; it’s hard not to fall for multiple cuts off her wonderfully-produced debut long-player ‘No Mythologies To Follow’, which for the most part is a colourful clamour of earworming gems. As hoped, the Danish songstress packs virtually every crevice of her first full-length with sparkling hooks and, somewhat inescapably, the result is something to be mooned over – like a 2014 Baccara, but for insatiable bloggers.

‘Fire Rides’ kicks off the party, with a theatrical Florence-like organ intro and her Del Rey-ish inflection, which later morphs into the sort of whirring electro banger that littered Karen O & Co’s ‘It’s Blitz!’. Of course, there are hints of Little Dragon throughout – someone MØ cites as an influence – but this isn’t nearly as demure; it’s spangled, unabashed and keen to woo. Her early forays still prove to be the epitome of this; ‘Pilgrim’’s glitchy jam and ‘Maiden’, with its juddering groove and pretty little guitar licks that flutter and swirl, both dazzle.

That said, she seems a little too eager to score an Icona Pop-sized smash with new single ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’, which is a not-quite-cloying behemoth saved only by its early mystery and eventual parping strut. Although, it’s a moot point, perhaps, considering it should well accomplish its mission to be heard in millions of homes alongside the orange faces and perma grins of Saturday night telly. It’s a minor gripe, however, and one that should be lived with on the basis that this is fun and intelligent; Grimes’s ‘Visions’ reworked for frivolous weekends. 7/10



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